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Senior Capstone, OSU 2022

Levity Brewing is a brand created to invoke connection and emotion. Through the use of senses, colors, and language, Levity Brewing is a chance to explore ways in which to connect to consumers in deeper ways, through design.



This project began formulating in my mind after reading “Why You Eat What You Eat: The Science Behind Our Relationship With Food.”, by Rachel Herz, in my packaging design class junior year of college. 

Months before even thinking about what my Capstone would be about, I became so intrigued by package design and how designers have the ability to control emotions and feelings through the things they design. This new area of design really filled my mind for the next few months, and finally, combined with my love of craft beer, I decided to explore package design and emotional connection.

Levity Brewing was an opportunity for me to explore emotions and connection through design. I observed buying habits in stores, the effects of music, lighting, and employee attitude at coffee shops, and interviewed the owner of Nectar Creek Mead to find the connection between a taproom space and their products. Through my research and reading of “Why You Eat What You Eat”, I was able to produce a brand of my own that kept all of my research in mind. 

With this project I aimed at creating joy and lightness through design. Soft patterns, colors that target psychological reaction, flavors known to alter and aid your body, specific language, and a space designed to connect to the brand and invoke feelings, all come together to bring out a strong connection to the brand.



Untitled_Artwork 6.jpg
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